Guilan Eye Cohort Study

Cohort facts:

Location of cohort: Some-e Sara – Guilan Province

Main Ethnicities of participants: Gilaki

Conducted by: Guilan University of Medical Sciences


  • Yousef Alizadeh, MD
  • Farahnaz Joukar, PhD
  • Mohammad Reza Naghipour, PhD

Study Execution:

The PERSIAN Eye Cohort Study started in Some-e Sara in June 2016, and enrollment ended in February 2021. 

Current Activity: Guilan Eye Cohort Study is currently conducting a repeated measurement phase for 30% of the enrolled participants who have been selected randomly.

Principal Investigator: Fariborz Mansour-Ghanaei, MD

Overview of Cohort Population

Final Enrolled Sample Size
10,116 individuals
Gender Distribution
47% Male
53% Female
Age Distribution

35% ----35-44 years
34%----45-54 years
24%----55-64 years

Residence Type
70% Urban
30% Rural

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