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To request PERSIAN Cohort data/samples, submit your proposal via the portal linked below.


Please review the PERSIAN Cohort Data Dictionary to learn more about the available data and variables. Any proposal accepted must comply by the PERSIAN Cohort Authorship Rules and the Data/Material Transfer Agreements.

PERSIAN Cohort Data Dictionary (last updated 9/2020)

PERSIAN Cohort Data Access and Authorship Rules  (last updated 3/2020) 

PERSIAN Cohort Peer Review Process and Principles (last updated 2/2021)

PERSIAN Cohort Data Transfer Agreement (last updated 12/2019)

PERSIAN Cohort Material Transfer Agreement (last updated 12/2019)

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PERSIAN Cohort Central Committee

Address: Digestive Diseases Research Institute, Kargare Shomali Ave. Tehran, I.R. Iran, 14117-13135

Phone: +98-21-82415238
Fax: +98-21-82415400

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Prospective Epidemiological Research Studies in IrAN (PERSIAN Cohort)