PERSIAN Elderly Cohort

The Elderly component of the PERSIAN Cohort, also known as “Iranian Longitudinal Study on Ageing” (IRILSA), is a comprehensive assessment of the different aspects of ageing, monitoring the changes in health and well-being, and assessment of different needs during the ageing transition. The PERSIAN Elderly Cohort has launched in the city of Neyshabour (Razavi Khorasan) and is planned to start in Yazd and Kermanshah as well. Data is collected on a wide range of different factors including economic, social, psychological, cognitive, health, biological and genetic factors.

General Objectives of the Cohort are as followed:

  1. To describe accurately the socioeconomic status, health  and wellbeing  of older people 
  1. To monitor the changes in health and well-being, and assessment of different needs during the ageing transition (by forming a longitudinal database including a range of socioeconomic, behavioral, environmental factors, health care access and biomarkers)
  2. To identify the demographic, socioeconomic and health related factors of physical and mental health, social engagement/ exclusion among the old
  3. To explore the relationship/interrelationship between a range of risk  factors/protective factors on healthy ageing and longevity
  4. To identify the high risk groups to target the preventive strategies and individualized care
  5. To identify the basic infrastructure needs  (social needs, home care,…) in order to initiate a new/ improve the current system for old population in Iran

The main outcomes of interest in the PERSIAN Elderly Cohort include:

  1. Frailty/disability
  2. Morbidity/multi-morbidity of and mortality from common chronic diseases
  3. Hospitalization and institutionalism
  4. Changes in health needs over time

Contact us

PERSIAN Cohort Central Committee

Address: Digestive Diseases Research Institute, Kargare Shomali Ave. Tehran, I.R. Iran, 14117-13135

Phone: +98-21-82415238
Fax: +98-21-82415400

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Prospective Epidemiological Research Studies in IrAN (PERSIAN Cohort)