Amaneh Shayanrad MS

Laboratory & Biobank Manager

Current Position:  Laboratory Researcher at the Digestive Diseases Research Institute, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran


Mrs. Amaneh Shayanrad obtained her Master's Degree in Biology Biosystematics. She has 11 years of work experience in the field of cohort research studies. She was first involved in the biobank of the Golestan Cohort Study (Golestan, Iran). She has been a part of the PERSIAN Cohort since the beginning of the project, managing the Laboratory and Biobank sections. She is also a member of the Educational Team, training lab technicians working at cohort sites.

In addition to the PERSIAN Cohort, Mrs. Shayanrad has taken part in other research projects such as the Golestan Polypill Study, Pars Cohort Study, Hepatitis Cohort Study and a nationwide Blood Donation project.

Mrs. Shayanrad is highly skilled in many laboratory techniques such as ELISA tests, DNA & RNA extraction and RT-PCR as well as technical activities using Auto-analyzer systems. Development of a computer software for Biobanking was one of her most recent projects. The software helps to easily locate biological samples in a large biobank.

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